Studio Enterprise RyCAT FOR TRADOS & OFFICE

Productivity-Boosting Tools For Professional Translators Only
Get More with LESS EFFORT

Translate Faster, Easier, Better, and Get More…

RyCAT Professional Plug-ins for Trados knows clearly what a professional translator needs and makes readily available to them a complete set of productivity-boosting tools to help them get a job done more quickly, professionally, accurately, and the real point is, however, with much less effort.

When used in Trados Studio environment, RyCAT adds those must-have features into the environment, for example, intuitive presentation of terms, better management of terms, one-click features, reference dictionaries, web look-up, more sensible use of Machine Translation service, etc., and when used in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint……., it's the most-loved way of translating chose by most translators, anyway.

  • Translate in MS Office & Trados Studio

    Translate documents directly in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the most intuitive way of translating so loved by most translators, or in Trados Studio environment, if you like to.

  • Intuitive Presentation of Terms

    Terms are highlighted directly in source segment using different colors. Whenever the mouse is hovering over a term, a list box containing all translations of the term will drop down. Click and the translation text will be sent to the Target Segment Editor.

  • One-Click Term Addition and Concept Creation

    With just one click, you can add a new term, create a new concept, search for a piece of text, look up a word in dictionaries, and more...

  • Collocations and Usage

    Whenever the mouse is over a term, translations and collocations are shown in the drop-down box. Click and the text will be instantly sent to the Target Segment Editor, errorless, accurate and effortless!

  • Better AutoSuggest

    Placeholders, collocations, commonly-used phases and symbols, machine-translated pieces, Pinyin, etc. are all supported by, and included in, RyCAT AutoSuggest.

  • Sensible Use of Machine Translation Service

    Machine translation is available anytime, anywhere and on any piece of text, not only at sentence level, but also at phase level.

  • Web Lookup

    On-line dictionaries, on-line knowledge bases, Wikipedia, on-line translation services, etc. are all at your fingertips, just click and see.

  • Reference Dictionaries

    Nearly 100 professional dictionaries, more than 2,000,000 terms, are at your hand.

  • One-Click Feature

    With one click, you can search for a piece of text, add a term, create a concept, send a selection into Target Segment Editor, and more…

  • Efficient Management of Terms

    Import Faster, Search Faster, Retrieve Faster, and Variations Recognized